03. Diss Las Vegas

You can see Las Vegas at a glance when you climb Skyford, an observatory above the Strat Hotel & Casino The Strat Hotel & Casino. I couldn’t feel it when I walked around Las Vegas, but I found out that Las Vegas was a city built in the desert. A city that harmoniously shows the contradictory image of great civilization and the vague nature. It’s Las Vegas.

Stratospier, which means stratosphere, will be the ‘Extreme Ride Thrill Rides’ above the 350m high observation deck ‘Skyford SkyPod’. It is the highest in Las Vegas and the fifth highest in the United States. Stratospier is a must -have course for the Las Vegas trip, entering the world’s terrible rides top 10.

We like the rides and we have included this place without hesitation. There are three types of rides, compared to the Korean rides, ‘X Scream X-SCREAM’ is a short train, ‘Insenity Insanity’ is a gyro swing, and ‘big shot Big Shot’ is a gyro drop. Our review of Thrill Ride is ‘disappointment’. This is scary enough to be in the top 10 in the world. Let’s look at the 코인카지노 evaluation team. Without a heights, Gyeongju World will be much cooler. We are good.

I visited an unlimited day for a day and purchased a free pass to ride the ride. I entered the middle of the day and enjoyed the ride with excitement. Is we strong heart? Instead of screaming of fear, he cheered the new man. But as I rode a few times, the inspiration fell. Not funny.

The X Scream moves a small train along the rail at the end of the observatory. The slope of the rail is different and tries to give a variety of variations, but the problem is too short even if the rail is short. The observatory itself is small, but how great can you make? When I first ride, I screamed in a sudden traffic, and I got a grave. As I searched for videos and photos in advance, I thought it would be scary enough to explode. I feel like something.

Inceniti is similar to Lotte World’s ‘gyro swing’, but the height is much higher, and the seats are tilted to 70 degrees, holding the seat belt tightly. The problem is that the speed of ice is quite fast. After this, my sister complained of motion sickness and took a long break. After boarding the seat and checking the seat belt, the tongs go to the air, and the intervals between the seats are opened and the spacing starts to rotate. Oh my head. I was so dizzy that I couldn’t see the pretty night view. It was fortunate that I boarded without eating food.

The protagonist will appear at the end. The big shot is the ‘gyro drop’ installed on the observatory, which was the most riding and the thrilling feeling from start to finish. Before falling from the top, I was nervous when I started fighting. Just before going down at high speed, the body floats in the air slightly and the excitement is when my shoulder touches my shoulder belt. This was a bit of a thrilling rider. We used it on weekdays and never waited for more than 5 minutes when using the ride. There were not many tourists than I thought. As soon as I got off the big shot, I rode again.

I found it again in the sunset time. It was very romantic than I thought to ride a ride while looking at the red -colored sky. Looking at the night view of the sparkling Las Vegas, I used free pass. From day to night, I enjoyed the view of the rides and Las Vegas.

Hong Kong Market Overview on the 28th: ​​Hansen 0.9 % higher for 4 days, buying in “aftercorona” stocks

The Hong Kong Market on the 28th is 22418.97 points, which consists of 69 major stocks (0.85 %) higher than the previous day, and 76.82 points in the mainland stock index (former H stock index) consisting of mainland company shares. (0.98 %) It grew for 4 days with a higher price of 7893.76 points. The trading value has been reduced to 175,928 million dollars ($ 20089 million on the 27th).

Expectations for China’s economic measures are a flow that supports the market. As economic growth has slowed down due to the spread of the new colon virus, local government issuance is accelerating. Among them, the issuance amount of special bonds (special local bonds that raise funds for public interest businesses) is expected to digest 99 % of the 2022 issuance frame as of the end of June, half a year. In addition, the People’s Bank of China (Central Bank) continues to fund funds. The People’s Bank has supplied 100 billion yuan in the city on the 28th, with a deduction of the reversal repo. The funding is expanding every day. Early normalization of social activities is also a safe material. The Chinese Health and Health Committee announced on the 28th that it will alleviate the watermelon countermeasures for the new colon virus. Shanghai Disney Resort also announced on the same day that it will resume business of the theme park (Disneyland) on the 30th of this month. (Ashuro Research Editorial Department)

Among the brands of the Hansen Index, Macau Casino’s Kinso 카지노 China (1928/HK) was 11.7 % higher, and the casino galaxy entertainment group (27/HK) was 7.9 % higher, and the largest hot pot chain was the seabed International HD (6862. /HK) was 7.4 % higher, which was noticeable.

In addition to the above, there are many brands related to “aftercorona” such as restaurant chains, sake brewing, and travel. Kujuku International HD (9922/HK) is 8.4 % higher, Hyakugi HD (9987/HK) is 5.7 % higher, and Homo HD (1876/HK) is 4.2 % higher, Hujun Beer HD (291/HK) ( HK) was cut off by 3.5 %.

Consumption -related sectors such as food beverages, home appliances, and sports equipment are also high. 3.5 % for China’s HD (151/HK), 1.6 % for HD (220/HK), China HD (220/HK), 5.5 % for the Umishin Household Electronics group (921/HK), and 3.4 % of the Soujin group (751/HK). 2331/HK) increased by 2.6 %, and 2.1 % of the weak athletic equipment (2020/HK) increased. For rice confectionery and beverage manufacturers China, the increase in the full -year financial results reported in the afternoon is also a support material.

The coal and oil sector are firm. China China China (1898/HK) is 4.1 % higher, En -mineral -powered source group (1171/HK) is 3.3 %, China Shado (1088/HK) is 2.7 %, Chinese marine oil (883/HK) is higher. 3.6 % higher, Chinese oil natural (857/HK) ended with a 2.4 % increase.

On the other hand, there is no pharmaceutical sector. Yasukiki (6185/HK) is 2.6 % cheaper, Baekje Jingu (6160/HK) is 2.5 %, Yakuaki Biological Technology (2269/HK) is 2.1 %, and the Shanghai Reissan Pharmaceutical Group (2196/HK) The price was reduced by 2.0 %.

In other individual shareholding directions, the Internet Service’s leading Chinese major (700/HK) is 3.3 % cheaper. Regarding the company, the largest shareholder group continued to express the sale policy contrary to the three -year lock -up (sale restriction) agreement. Among analysts, the sales of shares are only small, and the impact is minor, but investors have not been concerned.

On the other hand, the mainland market has continued for four days. The main indicator of the Shanghai General Index ended the transaction at 3409.21 points, up 0.89 % higher than the previous day. Automotive stock is expensive. High -tech stocks, travel -related stocks, power generation and equipment stocks, energy stocks, food and retail stocks, materials, military shares, banks and securities. On the other hand, the corner of the real estate stock is cheap. Pharmaceuticals and insurance stocks were also sold.

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