“Encore on weekends! ]

Good evening everyone from slot curves nationwide.

A typhoon will come again! Already ~ chu ~ nen

They come as if they were aiming for three consecutive holidays on weekends for two weeks.

I don’t go anywhere else, so yeah

This week, I’m sorry, I’m sorry to go out.

Isn’t it okay to change the schedule and play with a slot car? It’s pretty safe!

Sackies Speedway this week’s business schedule.

September 24 (Sat) 12: 00-19: 00 Open is confirmed!

Sunday, September 25, 12: 00-19: 00 Open is confirmed!

We 더존카지노 look forward to your visit.

Thank you to everyone who purchased Lotus 97T of Ayrton Sena.

Did the product arrive soon?

Please enjoy yourself in the memory of “the noble of the sound speed”.

So again

Revoslot 1/32 Slot Car RS0139

Ford ESCORT MK1 #20/R.CLARK, J. PORTER. British Caledonian Airways.

Revoslot 1/32 Slot RS0141

Ford ESCORT MK1 Jagermeister. Day of Thunder-Salzburgring 2012

Racer / Sideways 1/32 Slot Sw79 Red Celica LB Turbo New!

TOYOTA CELICA LB GR.5 Turbo “RodenStock” DRM Championship 1978

RACER /SAIDEWAYS SWCAR04B McLaren 720S Gulf Color New!

MCLAREN 720S GT3 “GULF” Historical Color F1 GTR #39 LM 1997

SCALEXTRIC 1/32 Slot Car C4211 Yeah Garmaster/Kramer Please be as early as only 12 units in stock

Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 JagerMeister Kremer Racing.

It seems that many reservations have been made overseas before its release, and it is a new model that is sold all over the world.

The inline model also lights the front and rear lights. Please order early.

ScalExtric 1/32 Slot Car C4234 This is also available 24 units+12 additions, but only a small remaining remaining

Lotus 97T PortugueSE GP 1985 “Ayrton Senna”.

ScalExtric 1/32 Slot C4253 Lotus Esprit S2 is available.

Lotus Esprit S2, World Championship Commemorative Model.


A machine released in 1979 to celebrate Lotus World Champion at the 1978 F1 Championship.

Lotus Esprit S2 is cool with gold accent pinstripo.

SCALEXTRIC 1/32 Slot Car C4247 “Levi’s” Hemicuda is available.


Chrysler France gained a sponsor of “Levi’s” to participate in the 24 -hour spa race in 1973

It is a big American muscle. #8 Hemikuda of Pierre Eve Bertan Shan/Eve Depre group.

Details can be checked at the online shop.

Please order.

Sackyys original popular product “Energy Box” resumed shipment!

Adjustable Energy Box SET VR-5 for 2 lanes for Carrera

The VR5, whose top board has been changed to orange, has become more compact as before.

The voltage of each lane can be set freely! Autonomous driving is also possible in the demo mode.

It can be used for break -in and test benches for each part. You can also use a full -fledged gun type controller!

An energy box for scalex is also available.

This is also easy to install, one -touch and easy!

See the online shop for details of the product.

NSR 1/32 Slot Car 0281AW Quick Angle Winder will be released soon!

Porsche 997 “VALLIANT LIVERY” #5 Wilant Kramer

NSR 1/32 Slot Car 0282AW Quicky Angle Winder is coming soon!

Porsche 997 “VALLIANT LIVERY” #6 Wilant Kramer

NSR 1/32 Slot 0279IL Nostalgic Beneton Formula appears!

Formula 86/89 #23 “Benetton”

NSR 1/32 Slot 0280IL Nostalgic Beneton Formula appears!

Formula 86/89 #22 “Benetton”

It will arrive soon. Dodge Monako “Blues Mobil” arrives at the end of September.

SCALEXTRIC 1/32 Slot C4322 Dodge Monaco of Blues Brothers. Popular reservation is accepted!

Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco/Bluesmobile.

Weathering painting and rope are also real. A must -see figure with Bruce Brothers reproduced.

A Heiditil model with the front and rear lights on.

The big full -size sedan is included in a specially tailored case with a width of 25 cm.

Have you made a reservation?

CARRERA course parts are abundant products and fulfilling inventory.

In addition, various track parts are always in stock for Carrera course parts.

We are striving to provide deeply. Please consult and use the re -expansion of your course.

Purchase the home course SET and make a home circuit to Suckies!

We have a wide variety of various home courses SET. If you have any questions, please call

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

CARRERA DEGITAL132 Course Set 30011 Big Scale Digital Course with a total length of 7.3m!

GT Race Battle “GT Race Battle” SET 2 full set

For customers who are planning a home circuit with the original layout in Suckies,

First of all, we recommend how to add track parts based on ready -made home course set.

If you add only the extended parts required for your course set, you will have a desired layout without waste

Complete. All of these calculation work will be done for free. Please feel free to contact us.

Sackies Collections Osaka Online Shop. www.sakkys.com

My husband is currently vacation.

I went shopping on a weekday because the cat sand of Baccarat was gone.

This time is bad.

You may be there.

Husband who is Kyorokyoro.

Certainly, this time is possible.


Husband who bent at another corner at a right angle

When I wondered where I was, I was lined up at the cash register

As expected, if I see it, I’ll just say hello.


I don’t notice.

I finally noticed twice from behind.


Fluffy paraspeller

I don’t know what I’m saying in a fast -paced way.

I understand a little about knitting associations and French 온라인바카라게임 사이트 teachers.

○○ (husband’s name) is also the same.

My husband walked here.

Why do you shout with such a high -pitched voice?

I heard it

Because I don’t notice.

I just came to buy Baccarat cat sand, so we joined again when we finished self -checkout and headed to the exit.

À Tout à l’Heure (later)

Well, I’m going home later

No. You’re calling every day

She looks like her on the routine street every day.

Do you just call again after you have just met?

well? no change? see you tomorrow.

That’s the content.