If you get lost in souvenirs, you will be a Japanese confectionery! Ranking announcement of popular Japanese sweets by type

Sweets souvenirs will relax the nervous air, such as the first greeting. I would like to give something that will please the other party if you give it. It also introduces specific examples such as how to choose by scene to bring and actual products, so please take a look for reference for souvenir selection! 【即発】VivienneWestwood レディース腕時計【国内発】(47676842) ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド 時計 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD VV222GRTT CLERKENWELL 33MM クォーツ レディース腕時計ウォッチ ピンクゴールド/シルバーVIVIENNE WESTWOOD(ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド)の腕時計が入荷しました☆文字盤の中央にレイアウトThe orb was impressive. Appeal the presence with metal parts that emit a neat shine. The simple design that matches various scenes is attractive. ★★★★★★★★ ://www.buyma.com/r/-b3161982f1/viviennewestWood (69469633) Reimported US model CITIZEN ECO-DRIVE CORSO Ladies Diamond Solar Watch Gold Silver Combination has been secured, so there is stock. Because it is domestic shipment, there is no worry about imported consumption tax or tariffs. Tags, boxes, booklets, etc. are also included. The list price is about 67,000 yen. Citizen’s rare Japanese unreleased watch watches that are highly evaluated overseas. CITIZEN’s elegant advanced model “Corso” series solar watch. A gold bezel with a 24 stone natural diamond embedded. (Diamond, not Swarovski Crystal) A beautiful champagne white dial. When the light hits, a beautiful pattern emerges in a radiation and elegant. Gold square and three -dimensional index (scale), gold needles are elegant and intelligent. A beautiful design with a gorgeous atmosphere and a sporty atmosphere. The details are also elaborate. Silver case, gold octagonal bezel. The breath part is also a moderate accent with a modest gold color. Although it is an overseas model, it is very easy to use even for Japanese people with a case width of about 28 mm. Since it has not been released in Japan, there is almost no suffering with people, and it is an elegant accessory. Because it is an eco -drive solar, it is charged with light. No battery replacement or winding is required. Made in Japan with peace of mind. With convenient date display. Wet water is OK because it is waterproof 10 atm. There is a sense of luxury in an adult atmosphere than Citizun Cross Sea and Seiko Rukia. How about gifts and rewards for yourself? [Specification] Movement: Sora Cool Torts Dial: Champagne White Dial Case: 24 Stone Diamond, Stainless Steel Windshiing: Mineral Crystal Glass Function: Power Reserve, 10 Gholes (100m) Waterproof [Size] Case width: Approximately 28mm ), Thickness: about 8mm Weight: Approximately 60g Around: Up to about 18cm up [Accessories] 바카라 Booklet (English), box, outer box * As you import, there are dents and small scratches on the outer box. There is no problem with the inner box. We ask you to acknowledge it. * The specifications of the box may differ from the photo. #Citizen #CITIZEN#Cross Sea#Lucia#Seiko #SEIKO Click here for this product (1 case) Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet (80047586) ◆ Be sure to read it ◆ VIP sale! ① At the time of the product receipt, tariff payments will be charged. The expected amount of tariffs and taxes is about 9000 yen. * Please forgive the point of exchange rate and customs and customs. ③ Please be assured that the local partner staff will ship after inspection. ■ Saint Laurent ■ Monogram Saint Laurent Enverop Chain Wallet Classical Front Flap Wallet Intable Leather and Metal Chain, Quilting Stitch Diagonal Sales ♪ Card Slot X6, Zip Coin Pocket X1 Shoulder X1 Shoulder X1 Shoulder X1 Shoulder. Strap height: Approximately 58cm ========・ After receiving a note, we will purchase overseas, so we will not be able to cancel after confirming the text.・ We have a special discount price because we have a business alliance with European brand official stores. Please note that we cannot prepare shopper bags and packaging items that are unique to directly managed stores.・ Because it is a parallel imported product that meets the quality standards of local brands, there may be individual differences in some dirt, slight scratches, colored unevenness, sweetness of sewing, and printing, but the quality standards of local brands. It is not a defective product because it is a clear product. Boxes and cards may have scratches or defects, but they are not defective. Customers who want domestic standards should purchase directly at domestic stores.・ Products that use natural leather have individual differences, and the muscles and wrinkles of the leather themselves will be a genuine product that has passed the quality inspection of the brand, so please purchase after understanding. If you are looking for perfection, please check the product directly at a domestic store and purchase it.・ The purchase site (shipping site) becomes European countries and is decided as appropriate. (Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, English, Spain, etc.) ・ In principle, return or exchange is not possible to prevent replacement fraud. Returns, exchanges, or canceled your convenience (you don’t like the product, different from the image, the size does not match).・ As for directly shipped overseas, tariffs and domestic consumption tax will be charged at the time of receipt. Please note that the customer will be borne by BUYMA. * Please be sure to read about customs duties → http://qa.buyma.com/buy/3105.html ・ For domestic stock items, shipping operations will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.・ Depending on the condition of the light and the PC you use, the color and texture of the actual product may be different. Please understand that it is also the characteristics of online sales and buy it. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us before purchasing. We cannot accept cancellation after your order is confirmed. Click here for reviews and reviews of this product (15) ■ Maison Margiela ■ Tabi Leather Ballet Shoes Domestic shipping! (81882654) ■ Maison Margiela ■ Tabi Leather Ballet Shoes Soft Leather Tone Ballet Shoes! It is a very cute pair that combines the ease of walking because it fits into the feet. [Specifications] Color: Cream Material: Leather Italian Sprit toudrost Ring Top Beige Leather Lining & Sole White A Leather Insole with Rogo [Size] Recommended half -size to make a small size model wear size: UK7 / EU40 / IT40 / US9.5 / FR41 ◆ Stock ◆ Inventory status fluctuates every day. Please contact us in advance. If there is no stock in the planned purchase site, we will expand the range to other areas and purchase from regular store dealers. Therefore, the location of the location is subject to change. ◆ About the product ◆ Products are ordered from overseas. Depending on the season, it may take more time than expected. We are trying to correctly convey the charm of the product, but the color may look different depending on the screen environment. ◆ About tariffs and shipping ◆ Domestic shipping products have no customs duties burden and zero shipping fee, so please order with confidence. ◆ About cancellation ◆ Overseas quality standards may be inferior to Japanese standards. Small scratches and dirt may be seen, but they are not defective, so we do not accept returns, exchanges, or complaints. We cannot accept cancellations, returns, exchanges (such as changes, etc.) after ordering. If you would like to compensate such as the image and size of the arrival product, you can use the bima’s relief guarantee system. https://www.buyma.com/contents/safety/anshin.html WALLET IN SIGNATURE LEATHER [STYLE NO]: C7220 ★ Free shipping ♪ It is a price including shipping ♪ ★ There is no additional charge for remote islands ♪ Kiko Mizuhara, J Lo (Jennifar Lopez) Following the large one, COACH’s official model The second daughter of Kimtaku and Shizuka Kudo, model Koki (Kouki) will be the official model! ♪ COACH started as a leather accessory workshop in 1941 at the Apparel New York Manhattan, the hottest coach. It is a “lifestyle brand” that expresses craftsmanship and luxury feeling, including sophisticated handbags with beautiful design and high functionality. Welcoming the former Loewe designer Stuart Vivers and sending a fresh collection in the more era ♪ [Related article]:



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