“July 2022 Manila Casino Touring Party ② Continue on YouTube …”

I finally debuted. 。 。 YouTube ..

I saw Sicbo’s YouTube travelogue, and I thought it would be interesting to send information on YouTube.

The video editing is handled by my friend D-Shoten. I just gave instructions in ZOOM, but …

Although it is miso in the foreground, it looks better than expected.

I thought it would be nice to end the blog with this.

I would be grateful if you could see YouTube if you like.




July 8th 16:00 …

After the online account registration has been completed safely, I return to the casino in Runlun.

In my experience, I believe that casino results will be affected to some extent in their mental state.

Therefore, if you do a casino now, you can win.

By the way, it is almost such a time that you can’t win even if you do a casino. How about everyone?
• Irritated
• Insufficient sleep
• Poor physical condition




After returning from the bank, the casino proceeds as expected as expected.

However, it is love that it will almost come off if you go to the big bet with the tone.

The dealer will support you when I bet HKD5000 or more,

You’ll almost lose. Moreover, the third reversal. I guess this is my life.

“You’re not a tama that makes a lot of money, so let’s get stuck.”

I heard so.





Even so, when a large ball bed, the dealer is always sorry for the other party.

You turn the card, but it’s almost natural or the third one.

I asked the dealer if she knew the card because she looked too sorry.

“I don’t know the card, but I’m sorry for this flow.”

You know you’ve been a dealer for many years.

I wish I could open a card with no expression like Macau’s aunt dealer …

This time I got into the Philippine Cuisine Sisig

According to the internet, the recipe of the siggi seems to be quite different depending on the family and region.

Such a place is fine.




Once the game has been completed, we will be two consecutive days (Satsuki -san will be 4 consecutive days!?)

To the Marate district GOLDEN8.

Well, if you are a regular and spend money, there is naturally a hallcake service.

This time, the name of each person was written.




After returning to the hotel a little earlier, I moved to the first floor because I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere of the flat place.

Since only PHP4000 remained in the wallet, I switched to all the tips and sit on the Baccarat table.

Put all PHP4,000 on a bunker. win.

Put all PHP8,000 on a bunker. win.

The driver was working, but there were two women who bet from behind me (I said pair pairs in the Philippines). Then, two pairs are squeezed and the women are delighted.

In the end, PHP4,000 has become PHP24,000, so the flat casino is not good.

When I exchanged chips with a cashier and tried to return to the VIP room, two women were in the background.

Isn’t it chasing me? 。 。

Women “Where did you come from?”

Chi “It’s JAPAN”

Woman “JAPAN is a very nice place she is …”

That’s why I talk to the mobile 코인카지노 translator in Takarog.

Then …

“My friend says you like you”

I guess you’ll see the Japanese screen …

As far as two women look at, they are 30 years old.

This is Gyakunan …..

When I soar, I go up to the VIP room with the two women.

Satsuki -san was just back, and I was looking at me who came back with two women with my eyes.

“No ~ Gyakunan has been done ~”




“Are you hungry? You can eat what you like. Leave it to your brother (but you’re an uncle).”

Feast for free w casino rice (this rice was taken after all)

The former boy who said I liked me was Japanese, but she died in Corona.

No, there is such a thing ~ She drinks free (I thought w) beer, saying she was sorry.

Of course, I ordered two women smartly (though I think it’s free at this point)



When I started drinking wine in the tone, I spoke to my cell phone in a Takarog language as a female friend did in a casino.

On the screen she has shown to me …

“I want my friends to help without money.”

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・





The tension has dropped at a stretch, and I hand it over to two women PHP2,000.

Perhaps you’ve been paired with this money again at the casino.

I lost my desire to continue the game, so I just closed the program.

Well, if you think about it now, you may have triggered the game stop.

If you keep doing it, you might have lost.

So this is the end of this casino trip.

The result is as follows:

7/7 Li Yin Club (COD) ▲ 10,000 7/8 Li Yin Club (COD) +18,500 COD flat + 2,813 (PHP20,000)

From the next time, we plan to get the results of the game properly.

I would be grateful if you could continue to get along with a stupid blog …

It’s over.

I’m Yayoi …

Watakushi, last time beautiful Ichikawa Somejiro …

This time from Garcy CH

Shota Shimizu’s M -shaped leg …

The swing width is awesome ~ ~ 💦

However, I am a fan of Shota Shimizu

There is none…

The reason why I write is everyone

Is that so? It was very strange …

Shota Shimizu, anti -company, half -grayed

From a scammer 바둑이게임사이트 due to casino dependence

Get money and roll the casino

He’s doing an online casino at home …

Girl at home during the self -restraint period

Calling a few people, letting me introduce myself naked …

Seriously, you’re not an ordinary person …

Forced girls to open M -shaped legs

I’m sick, but ~ ~ 💦

I don’t see her daughter because she hates Garcy Ch

If I say the content lightly …

Call the handsome guy in the room

I want you to open the M -shaped leg

Do not think! disgusting! ! !

I don’t like Jae -hyun! ! !

I also love NCT’s Jae -hyun

Sumimasen is used for such a vulgar example.

Even such a handsome guy has an M -shaped leg

It’s too much, right? ? ? ? ?

Does a man have such a desire? 😳

I don’t know a man even at this age ~ ~

If this story is true

Shota Shimizu is wonderful

You have a bad propensity …

More women

Treat it as a human!

Well, onna is not something! ! !

Even during the self -restraint period, right?

If you’re an artist, to make a song

Did you have a lot of time?

Excellent talented personality

Not there …

It was in someone’s quote …