Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

“Fendi” is

“Versace” and the first collaboration collection “Fendace” have been announced. The collection is published on the Fendi official website and the official YouTube channel.

At “Fendi Verserchae”

Donatella Vers and Che is in charge of all categories. In the punk rock style, Vers and Che’s safety pin was added to Fendi’s signature and symbols.

The wallet copy of her chain combined with a crystal “F”, which interpreted the race and the monogram of Fendi.

Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

¥ 12782

Product number: Sn: USZWNA

Product brand: FENDI Fendi

Category wallet

Update date: 2022-09-18


1 Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF logo fake wallet fake Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ Limited ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ


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Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

Ladies Fashion »Wallet / Accessories» Folding Wallet

■ Introduction of product

Small size baguette binary wallet.

・ Multiple flat pockets

・ Coin 카지노 pocket with zipper x1

・ Card slot x4

・ Banknotes compartment X1 press stud opening and closing type. A design made with a white nappa leather contrast with a black edge and a FF logo mole. Black nappa leather lining.

■ material

100 % lamb leather

Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

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