Mariyan St. Laurent Anber Cathedral, connecting Korea and France

The neighborhood called Marignane, on the southern Mediterranean coast of France, has been a country where many poor people have lived. Now, as it has been changed to an industrial city, employees who work at the airport are also living in North Africa and foreign workers from various countries and Marseille-Provence Airport. People who have grown up in different cultures and environments gather in this small village to create a mysterious atmosphere. But would you believe if there is a little bit of Korean culture here? Before the Korean Wave culture swept the world, Marie Night was always looking at Korea, and the event for Korea was held several times under the host of the Mariyan City Hall. Of course you will ask what happened! It is strange that these small villagers know well about our country. Then I would like to focus on a cathedral in Marie. This is St. Laurent Anber Cathedral église Saint Laurent Imbert. Before, I said the name of the cathedral is given by the nickname of Jesus or the names of many adults. Then it can be seen that this cathedral was built while remembering a person named St. Laurent. Now, let’s see who is with me and why Korea and France are connected around this cathedral. Slightly told you, Anber is an important figure with a very deep relationship with Korea.

Hope of a rural boy

Born in Mariyan, France in 1796, he grew up in a poor family, but his passion for his study was stronger than anyone. He also paid for the tuition by selling the rosary used to be Catholics and selling them in the market. There was one hope for him, and he lived for the poor. He wanted to be a priest. Finally, when Angber became adult, he entered the Ex -Provence seminary, and he began to study gradually from philosophy. However, Annber adapted to his seminary life, but kept heading out. He did not change his desire to be a priest, but he began to fall in love with what to be.

At this time, in France, many priests became a missionary and went abroad. In particular, the stories of mission priests who were active in Asia through various monks and missions were often talked about like a heroic story. Of course, most countries in Asia, including Korea and Japan, did not welcome missionaries because they banned Christianity. On the contrary, when the missionary’s existence was revealed, he was expelled to his home or execution. Nevertheless, Anber wanted to be a missionary. He quit the Ex -Provence seminary and joined the Paris Foreign Church in Paris and continued his seminary class. Isn’t it a familiar name for the Paris Foreign Church? I introduced it as a very historic French mission that I founded for Asian missions. In 1819, Anber was ordained as a priest in Paris. Then he returns to his hometown of southern France, gathers the Mass, and leaves his promise to return to Singapore, his first Asian mission. Anbur adapted to the poor rainforest environment, making his educational projects, and soon moved to Sichuan, China, and continued as a missionary.

Chosun, do you first meet French?

Let’s take a look at the situation in Korea at that time. In the 18th century Joseon, the Catholic Church community was already established. I accepted my Catholic faith without the help of the missionaries. The Koreans, who needed new values, easily accepted Catholicism in the name of books. Of course, at first it was a strange study from the West. Gradually, I realized that the Korean scholars were a religion, not a discipline. At this time, there is one problem for them. There was no priest to lead them. So the Chosun Catholic Church leaders send two letters to the Vatican through Beijing. There is a believer in our country, so I was pity and wrote about it to send a priest.

Cardinal Cardinal Cappellari, the Secretary of Museum of Vatican, who was impressed with these letters, tried to help Joseon with all his strength. How many missionaries did you apply? No one was. It would not have been easy to be a missionary and to risk his life. In the midst of this, Cardinal Cardinal Cardinal is elected to Pope Gregory 16, and the project to send missionaries to Joseon will be ridiculous. And I eagerly hoped to go to Joseon, who was a missionary in Bangkok at the time, and his name was Bruggier. He was a priest of the Paris Foreign Church. In 1831, the Pope was happy to proclaim the Joseon Catholic community as an independent parish and entrusted Chosun to the Paris Foreign Church. And he appoints Father Brugger as the first Bishop of Joseon. What’s going on, what’s going to happen, Bishop Bishop Brugiier is in front of his nose and dies from a Chinese border. How vain and sad was the Korean believers and French missionaries who heard the news. In 1836, the Pope immediately appointed the second bishop of Joseon as the successor of Bishop Bruggier. Fortunately, Bishop Angber succeeds in entering Korea. He was the first bishop to enter the land of Joseon.

French who lived for Koreans more than anyone else

Bishop Anber, who first entered the country, took a missionary activity around Hanyang and Gyeonggi -do with the Father of the Land. They woke up at three o’clock every day, giving a mass, teaching doctrines, and baptizing them. But at the time, it was a persecution era, so I had to change my neighborhood and home every few days. It’s a big deal when the posols appear. Nevertheless, how many people came 크레이지슬롯 in, thousands of new Catholics became a new Catholic and began their faith. At the same time, he did not neglect to cultivate his successor. Already, the imitation bride was selected as a seminary student and sent to Macau Theological Seminary, and Bishop Anber selected wise young people and taught Western studies such as Latin and philosophy. Unfortunately, his plan was not made, but the children studying in Macau later returned to Joseon as a priest. As you know, they are Korea’s first priest Kim Dae -gun and the second priest Choi Yang -up. Another person, Francis, was caught in a fever during his study abroad.

Despite the efforts of French missionaries, many believers are arrested by a Korean apostate. Bishop Anber didn’t like believers suffering. And I knew that the porters were looking for French missionaries. Eventually, Bishop Anber was embroidered for Joseon believers. He was sentenced to death after several interrogations and torture, and was martyred at the Saeman River in Seoul with the imitation bride and Shastang. In this way, the Korean government caught all of the French and Koreans, and if it was associated with Catholics, it caught all of them and suffered painfully. During the persecution era, there were more than three,000 people who were martyred. According to the story, the Han River was colored red due to the blood of the executed believers.

In the French home country, we tried to comfort the souls of martyrs in Joseon. The cathedral has been ringing several times, and the priests prayed, and the French believers wanted to help the Koreans material. Among them, composer Charles Guno, a famous Abe Maria song, led to a lot of interactions with Paris Foreign Colonial corridors, and he heard the stories of martyrs who were martyred in Joseon Dynasty. He wanted to be a missionary. Therefore, Kuno made a song for the Korean martyrs and made a song, and later he wrote the lyrics and sang in Korea under the title of ‘Merujin Mujinge’.

Unprecedented moment, two countries gathered together

His martyrdom would have been conveyed to the families of Bishop Anger in Marien, France, but the Emphasis Provence Archdiocese, which Mariean, belonged, did not continue to remember him. Anber was not a member of the Emphang Provence Archdiocese, but a member of the Paris Foreign Church and was martyred in Korea, not France. On the other hand, in Korea, we started to organize and organize the records of the martyrs. The Vatican decided to invite Bishop Anber to Saint.

In 1984, Pope John Paul II visited Seoul and proclaimed 103 adults. This included ten French missionaries, including Bishop Angber. In fact, there were many twists and turns to proclaim adults in Seoul. Originally, adult proclamation should only be done in the Vatican. However, Pope John Paul II knew so well about the special history of Korean Catholics and he was more affectionate than anyone. That is why the Pope’s privilege has made an unprecedented decision. Cardinal, who was in charge of adult screening at the time, said he did not come to Seoul in response to this decision. In any case, this is still the first and last of the 2,000 -year Catholic Church’s history and finally it is recorded as the most number of adult proclamation.

The Emphasis Archdiocese also set up a large pilgrimage group. At that time, Korea was an unknown country, and it was a time when Seoul was not knowing where it was. André Heckenroth, who attended as a pilgrim, recalls the memory of that time.

“It was a huge day. There were millions of people gathered in one place, and even now, it is creepy when I think of it. How glorious is it? In the past, if French brides offered their lives for Korean believers, Korean believers have now worked to devote their life to avoid forgetting French missionaries. We have confirmed our big friendship then. ”

French efforts to remember life

Is it the fastest time when it was late, and after Bishop Anger was elected as an adult, the Emphasis Archdiocese’s Archdiocese proceeds quickly to remember him. It would have been a lot of sorry that I haven’t remembered for a long time. First, I was in the Mass, the Catholic worship, from the name of Bishop Angber. Originally, September 20 is the day that Catholic Church around the world celebrates Korean martyrs. The official names set by the Vatican are ‘St. Kim Dae -gun and St. Paul and fellow martyrs’, and the Emphasis Archdiocese has changed as ‘Bishop Anger and fellow martyrs’. This is because the priests must explain who this person is mandatory during the Mass.

And he set up a sign in where Bishop Anger was born, where he grew up, and his first mass. In cooperation with the Korean Catholic Church and the Paris Foreign Church, it was found through the stories of local residents who came down to oral. It was difficult to proceed with other people more than the signboard because there were already other people living, but he made a big portrait at the Cabrier-Cola Cathedral, which Bishop Angber grew up. In addition, a statue was built on the road in front of the cathedral so that anyone passing through the village knows who Bishop Anber is. The statue was visited by Cardinal Kim Soo -hwan and unveiled and blessed.

This does not stop, but the Emphasis Archdiocese decides to build a cathedral for Bishop Anber. It was a very unconventional and special decision. Because in the areas of other French missionaries who are martyred in Korea, they did not establish a new cathedral. Finally, the St. Laurent Anber Cathedral was completed in 1995 and ceremony. He also made a small bell in the sense of remembering and spreading Bishop’s life forever. One thing that’s unfortunate is that there was no one who knew Korean culture at the time. Vietnamese culture, which is familiar to French people around the cathedral, is engraved around the cathedral. I drew a traditional Vietnamese outfit next to Bishop Anbert, and Halong Bay landscape was drawn in the altar. French priests and believers who are still in this cathedral recall that this is the most unfortunate part.

A place that connects the two countries

Nevertheless, the Cathedral of St. Laurent Anber has been a central point for connecting Korea and France. French themselves have established the Anber Memorial Project, holding an annual event, and visiting Korea by forming a pilgrimage group. In Korea, we are sharing friendships in various ways. Considering the lack of a priest in France, the Korean priest and the seminary stayed at the St. Laurent Angber Cathedral for a long time, and in the fall of 2019, about 40 Korean pilgrims attended the event to commemorate the martyrdom of Bishop Anberg. .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduces the first historical encounter between Korea and France as a French missionary entry. In 1886, the two countries had diplomatic relations with the Treaty of Treaty, but much more deep before that. It refers to the fact that French Catholic missionaries have met Korean people as they entered Joseon. If so, the castle Laurent Anber, who first entered Korea as a bishop, must be an important figure in the middle. And it is no exaggeration to say that the cathedral that celebrates him symbolizes the beginning of the relationship between the two countries.

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