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In the Abe administration, a technical arrangement meeting.

A question for the official residence staff and Kasumigaseki.

I started a dozen projects of quantum CPU (quantum technology) basic research as a government project, but I have no application, so why? That was the case.

Nana “Because the government’s algorithm cannot be stored at room temperature at room temperature, it will not work unless it is frozen. The Japanese business community has already developed an algorithm that can be stored at room temperature and sends out the actual machine. I will not apply. “

The teachers who are at the world’s most advanced company are not in trouble with money because they have a joint with a large company, but they are not dealing with each other from anywhere. All of the publicly parked departments and the teachers in charge of the expert meeting of the government and the controversy can think so. At the site, you can secure extra time and extra time, so you are in this place. These teachers have abused past data, falsifying fabrications and publishing papers, and only to charge the following year’s Kenken expenses every year.

“Super computer development, the United States, China, and Japan are competing, but that’s the law version of Moore. But since the Lehman Shock, European companies have sent quantum technical supervisions to the world. Several electrical companies. The actual machine is about the size of a home PC drive, and there is no need to worry about power consumption. As a company, we have not yet commercialized quantum technology because mass production and on -site facilities have not yet been prepared. The practical use of the core design has begun. Tokyo Institute of Technology has temporarily ranked first in the supercomputer world, but it would have been out of print. That was because Moore’s law was stopped and shifted to quantum version. “

Speaking of quantum technology, a semi -conductor / power supply source → One month later, Tokyo Institute of Technology announced the success of wireless communication technology for dulling and removal batteries. In addition, Tokyo Institute of Technology has demonstrated how to synthesize organic matter without power supply. The electrolytic solution was used at a high pressure in a tube filled with cotton. In the experiment, the voltage of 3 volts (V) was confirmed by flowing the electrolytic solution with the pressure of about 100 air pressure, and the conductive polymer compound was synthesized. (Tokyo Institute of Technology is the most state -of -the -art technology development in 크레이지슬롯 the world in a specific field, but it is rare in Japan, so it is unusual because it is regulated in Japan).

Supercon → AI and IoT. Moore’s law cannot dominate human society, and can not develop robots in the movie Terminator or a human version of spacecraft. The only way to do it is the quantum technology version, and the AI ​​technology will not grow unless it is a semi -conductor or electricity removal. It would not be possible to put a battery for one reactor on the robot. The quantum technology robot does not require this battery. For this kind of thing, it is common sense for practitioners, but the controversy side is only self -proclaimed experts who do not have a force, and the laws of Moore are transmitting the wrong content.

The difference between Moore’s law and quantum technology cannot be distinguished just by looking at the actual machine, so it has come to be said that it is time to announce the power off and a semi -debris, or that it has entered that stage. Japan is ruled by power rights, so it has been regulated, but in Europe, papers on quantum technology → depletors and power offers are appearing one after another, and even though it is from Japan, the Japanese government (Japanese government. LDP) did not know anything. I don’t know. Companies that translate and sell papers in Japan intentionally regulate translation, and since the media regulates such important Japanese papers, the Japanese amateur who is effectively blocked information. I can’t see it. By the way, teachers from Japanese universities and research institutes takes time, effort, and money, so overseas academic papers purchase, translation, and reconnection (reproduction reality experiments) are also relying on Japanese companies in the joint development start.

Since 311, it has become a composition in which the politicians have not known anything, so the new power interests were born.

The government and Kasumigaseki, who returned the government projects on a blank paper, were angry. It was an outdated RIKEN with the academic conference that deceived them. What the government was angry was not to be delayed, but to lie and deceive.

(Tide from science to the side)

After the birth of the Suga administration, Mr. Suga (Secretary -General), who was faithful to Abe’s administration era, as soon as he became the Prime Minister, he fired the Kasumigaseki and the official residence of Prime Minister Abe and killed the Abe Hentako budget, and supported the small and medium -sized business. , Social Security and Kaken expenses, in effect, he cut Abe and chased it. Next, just before the presidential election, he crushed the second floor and said he would stop himself. Suga beat the two -parent and China, and protected the world by dropping themselves. So Suga was convinced of the United States and connected a piece of Japanese neck.

It is not only the Japanese government and the Liberal Democratic Party who were tricked by the behavior of Kan, but also the Casino Approx of Yokohama and the Restoration Party.

Yokohama Casino Approximately Failed in accordance with Kan’s instructions. If the casino is not made, the person who won the election will return the palm and launch a pre -prepared casino concept. The citizens exploded in the elections of the elections, rather than the casino, and the opposition to the casino was crushed as the largest faction. However, the result is clearer than looking at the fire from an amateur perspective, but why did Suga know that he would fail from the beginning?

It was a pretty dangerous thing about the casino from the Kan, so it was useless in halfway crushing. The casino agent has the power of Nagata -cho’s power, so I was illusioned that it would be okay if Kan was fine. In other words, this happened because they were trying to make them illusion. No way, don’t realize that the only trusted Kan will be self -destructed, and you’re going to drag the casino support together.

About the Meiji Restoration Association.

Immediately before the referendum of the Osaka Metropolitan Government, I was asked for the opinion of the Osaka Metropolitan Initiative.

Even if the Restoration Association explains, the people in Osaka do not know what the capital concept is.

I said, “Well, the Tokyo concept is a policy for Osaka Prefecture, which is about to collapse in financial banks, to remove the money of Osaka City.”

Yes? ! !

I was really surprised at this remark.

“Therefore, the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters dispatches a member of the Diet to the city of Osaka to address the opposition, and if you do a Tokyo concept, you will not give a local grant. I guess it wasn’t good. In the first place, it is fundamentally wrong. If there is an expert who scrutinizes the Osaka Metropolitan Initiative, it may be an accountant, not a lawyer. A politically neutral accountant. What if you check it? “(Eh? !! People living in Osaka)

Survey to an accountant → approach the business world of Osaka City with a report. Astonished business world. The resident’s vote rejuvenation is in time for the last minute arrangement. The Restoration and the Osaka Bar Association trying to deceive the Osaka city business world.

At this time, Suga issued a go -ahead of the capital concept at the Liberal Democratic Party Headquarters. Therefore, the Liberal Democratic Party dispatched the Liberal Democratic Party parliamentary parliamentary to Osaka City without hesitation to the city speech opposite to the Metropolitan Initiative, without hesitation. At this point, the Liberal Democratic Party, led by Kan, had to notice that he had set up a signal of the Restoration, but the Meiji Restoration is okay while the Kan is fine! ! The prejudice of this was just killed. and. Like Yokohama casinos, the Meiji Restoration was sank to the point where he could never crawl up again with Suga’s self -destruction and became unable to move. That’s why the problems of casinos and Shanghai power → panels have become noticeable in Osaka. Yuriko Koike is running away without noticing that he was locked on by Kan.

The Kan was dried in a series of work (Abe crushing, crushing the second floor, crushing a casino, and crushing), losing all power and influence. Even if others rely on Kan, Suga chose self -destruction and neutralized himself. As Kan, they sank together on their sinking ship. Isn’t this a plan from the beginning?

A LDP executive who has pulled it because I do this. If you look silently, you know. Mr. Kan, first deceived from his relatives.

The Restoration Society later transferred the authority of public schools in Osaka City through Osaka Prefecture to Osaka Prefecture, cut down on the budget, and put the surplus money in the Osaka prefecture’s pocket. → The Osaka citizens start an angry trial of what they are doing without permission. (After all, I just changed the way I got it.

Mr. Kishida took over the ground of Suga, pierced the Abe school Takaichi, and kept the Abe school. Abe, who has been isolated, has acquired the media and reports that Abe has met Kishida or cooperating with the government, but he has been laughing and laughing.

and. Self -proclaimed experts who are angry at the government and Kasumigaseki, deceive government officials, and lie.


Furthermore, a meeting of technical arrangements during the Abe administration era.

A question for the official residence staff and Kasumigaseki.

At that time, there was a variety of reactions from the EU to see if the Japanese government could build a total construction cost of 750 billion yen in Japan in Japan, but the government agreed with the teachers. He was swayed by the academic controversy of the group and the opposition, and was difficult, esoteric, and unable to judge.

I can’t understand even if I explain it in a chemical formula to amateurs

Nana: “If this algorithm accelerator experiment is really needed, EU will never give it to others. The EU collects 1 trillion yen in business funds in a large and small country gathering and secure a place. It’s easy. But why did you bother to shake it to Japan? I wonder if it is because it is better to have it, but it is not a problem even if it is not. “


Later, many teachers were excited to kill my opinion. China is building on its own and research is progressing, and Japan will be left behind. However, before the decision was decided, the government, who was caught, sent a letter to universities, research institutes, and companies such as Japan, the United States, Israel, and the Middle East. [Do you have a patron to support business funds? ] [We will build this algorithm accelerator in Japan! ! If you enter in the first experiment recruitment, you will get a privilege! ! ]

What happened,

There is no candidate for Patron.

The entry I want to do experiment is zero. (Laughing)

The government and Kasumigaseki, universities, research institutes, and companies laugh loudly. What is Zero?

“Is it zero?!

“Because the new accelerator is not that algorithm !!”

“? I wanted the research institute.”

“Yeah, we’re not saying that. Please use the name of our research institute without permission.”

Yeah yeah yeah? ! !

Immediately after the Japanese government announced, the EU government announced its cancellation. A government official who was surprised at the explicit way of the EU.

You look, it’s an algorithm accelerator that you don’t have to worry about, so I didn’t intend to do the construction within the EU from the beginning.

At this time, it was a parent -China academic meeting and RIKEN who tried to deceive the government. We tried to provide China with accelerators in Japan and provide technology to China. It was President Toyota of Toyota Motor Toyota who was manipulating the academic meeting. The government, who is deceived by a self -proclaimed expert, is angry.

The biggest Ochi is the owner of the government’s expert meeting, and no one has a Rear Thai track record.

I don’t know the Japanese.

In RIKEN, the Liberal Democratic Party was in the opposition era, and Abe went to kick and ruled the entire RIKEN to Korean and Chinese. Young generation Japanese researchers are only thinking about the means for financially connecting RIKEN, and will no longer have a job change destination. RIKEN’s affiliation is just hurt by his career. Sasai -sensei goes to Abe. The Obokata STAP problem was immediately after the birth of the Abe administration, but in fact, before and after the birth of the government, Abe came to RIKEN Kobe and prepared. In the Obokata noise, RIKEN’s orthodox Japanese teachers complained that RIKEN’s military technology had leaked to North Korea, and RIKEN had a more difficult problem than Obo. Immediately after Sasai -sensei died, Dr. Sasai’s technical patent was registered all under the name of the Chinese research institute. The troubled state of RIKEN, which was dominated in this way, is famous. People in the science and industry industry know. Prime Minister Suga -mae decided to vomit and wipe out Korean and Chinese, and Kishida shifted to execution.

Abe administration, the right to collective self -defense.

I want to be a nuclear country! !

Nuclear is a deterrent! !

“I’m not. It’s not the era of World War II, and I can’t say it in the present era, there’s even an outdated delay. I don’t know the military site. Only politicians, scholars, and critics. Nuclear weapons are now easy to develop and manufacture, and it is not difficult to secure nuclear fuel, so even in weak development countries, it can be easily made in an emergency. In reality, nuclear weapons are in reality. There is no point in having or not. It doesn’t make sense for nuclear weapons that can be created in this country. If Japan has a large destruction weapon, the weapon itself is compact enough to fit into the Boston bag materially, but the power is powerful. I like a good cospa weapon that can be used to store and dispose of it. “

Nana is scared! ! (call out)

(Change the direction greatly.)

For example.

There is no concern that nuclear fuel cannot be secured unless the nuclear power plant is maintained, and that it will not be able to make nuclear weapons in this case. Originally, universities, research institutes, and companies continue to do various research on nuclear power, so it is possible to maintain pipes to secure nuclear fuel. next. Not only nuclear power plants, but if you carry it on the transmission line and carry it to the destination, it will discharge about 30%, so the number of power generation and supply varies in numbers. This is the effect of discharge and not a conspiracy. In addition, Japan has recently become a problem in the construction of a mega solar, involving Shanghai Electric Power. Solar and wind power are Chinese interests and Chinese rule. Do Chinese companies know that they can’t scrutinize companies on the surface because their financial statements (books) are originally overlapped? When will the Shanghai Electric Power, which is virtually broken, will be suspended? If you partner with Shanghai Electric Power, the local government will have to bear unprofitable portion. Check the contract clause. (← Report regulation after blog posting or Katswata) It is a proposal for installing solar panels in Tokyo, but as long as it is determined that panel installation is not obligatory to introduce private power generation, special search is an illegal of antitrust law. It is easy to take the case and convicted, so it is one way to quietly view it and to make it an abolition later.

I specialize in planting, so I often ask for an opinion whether I agree with the nuclear power plant restart, but both are opposite. At least the reactor (mechanism) of existing nuclear power plants in Japan is directly opposed. Therefore, the nuclear power plant restart is opposed. This is an interpretation that you can save electricity if you operate technically. The US ponkotsu (structure full of defects) is tired. Please do not be fooled by Americans’ words! ! We must not compare Japan with a great country. I’m sorry ~ (shouting) … I’ll write my blog. Laughing.

… Shintaro Ishihara.

The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

TEPCO Fukushima nuclear accident. Plan blackout.

Tokyo is the largest shareholder of TEPCO.

The policy range is from TEPCO to Tohoku Electric Power.

The planned power outage will be eliminated by the summer of the following year.

Nuclear replacement plan and energy policy meeting. Several related companies participate.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Governor, where Ishihara became the governor of 13 million, was virtually financial collapse, and the deposits in the capital were only over hundreds of millions of yen.

Ishihara said after taking office.

If you leave it to a politician, it will be no good because it will break down! ! Originally, Ishihara was nurtured as a politician, and Ishihara was selected from Keidanren, removing politicians, scholars and critics from fiscal rebuilding members. In the first term of the Governor of Tokyo, Break from financial difficulties, Lehman Shock, Tokyo is the world’s largest economic city, the world’s largest tax payment rate of 98%, and the world’s best financial cities. Ishihara’s achievements have been booked and textured in global universities, research institutes and think tanks in Europe and the United States, and became one of the disciplines.

Ishihara’s way is to select human resources who have a track record in practice and have achieved results in practice. Ishihara: There was always no politician, scholar, or critic in the policy of Liver.

Energy policy is also so. Participating companies at the first policy conference are not only heavy chemistry and heavy electric companies, but also financial institutions and trading needs for funding, starting up business, and continuing. Among them, 50 countries, 100 countries, 150 countries, and many companies that have a business in Rear Thai, so many companies have knowledge of international power infrastructure and foreign business careers.

Ishihara asked for a novel idea that cleared Ishihara’s harsh conditions, who would use the generator for a long time, and would like to make it unprecedented if he poured a lot of money. But no important ideas come out. It is famous that Ishihara has originally achieved a bold environmental policy since he came to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Tokyo, but it was not enough to fulfill the harsh concept of Ishihara in the knowledge and know -how in the business world, and it was honestly seen from the business community. Ishihara didn’t know where he wanted to go.

I confirmed that some of the participating companies had TEPCO, Tohoku Electric Power and Wiring Kandenko and Civil Electric Works, and after confirming that there were no shop Kinden Co., Ltd.

The border of the bubble collapse. In the past, there were few types of machinery, analog, machinery itself, and power consumption was limited, but in the era of IT / CPU, the power consumption of terminals and facilities increased, and the types of machines also explode. rice field. Since then, the business community (industries and research institutes of large companies) has been withdrawn from the power company, and is not connected by electric power companies, which has not been connected by electric power companies. Shift to introduction. Conversely, power consumption of ordinary households and medium -sized small and medium -sized companies continued to rise to a different dimension. Prior to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the power company occurred in a nuclear accident every year, which complained of a shortage of power. Nuclear power plant suspension. (Nagata -cho is a regenerative energy bill. In the TEPCO and Tohoku Electric Power Area, the business community and government related to the business community and the government were rushing to take off the power company to the transmission line, and it was a great idea to avoid planning blackouts in the following summer. )

However, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has fundamentally different from the interpretation of the public. The problem is that the generator (power generation volume) is not short, and if the power generates, you have to carry electricity to the destination, but the power transmission line itself to carry electricity is insufficient, which is important. You cannot secure a transmission line.

Infrastructure transmission circuit of power company. In most regions in Japan, the city is 6,600V in one ward. This 6600V is about one whole huge shopping mall. There is a tower outdoors, and a thick transmission line and high -voltage electric wire 6600V. Make this high -voltage line even thinner, to the destination of medium, small and medium -sized businesses and ordinary households. However, it was not possible to respond to the reality of high -tech and increased power consumption after the collapse of the bubble, and this 6600V has now reached its limit. Then, if you replace it with a transmission line of 6600V or more, the transmission line must be buried underground because it becomes physically thicker. If you do that construction nationwide, the transmission line with many laps for the earth. Due to such problems, even if a new generator is created and the amount of power generation is expanded, it is not possible to secure a transmission line with important electricity.

(The reason why the newly -entered power companies are not profitable, cannot shift to fundamental problem solving, can not be sent on the power company’s transmission line even if they generate power, and are inappropriate and collapsed. It is. The reason why Sofba grandchildren abandoned the mega solar in Hokkaido is that the transmission line construction required to carry electricity to the destination (mainland) in Hokkaido, which has no infrastructure, is trillion yen. Because it will be

In other words, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the power company that the power company says is that the interpretation is not a shortage of electricity, but the lack of power lines required to carry electricity to the destination.

Ishihara confirmed the speaker phone with TEPCO on the spot. President TEPCO acknowledged the fact that the transmission line was lacking. And what is it? There is no story. Ishihara was resentful because the first shareholder did not know such important things. However, for TEPCO, there was a shortage of transmission lines before the war, so what is it now? None. → Laughing.

“I say that it is a shortage of electricity, but it is not an electric shortage.” Japan is in trouble due to lack of transmission lines (yeah yeah !!!)

(Speaking, electricity is a job that is current in unit hours. The power to carry electricity to the destination)

The IH all -electrified with a generator of a general family means that it does not rely on the power company’s transmission line, and generates electricity at home and covered it with an electric circuit of a house.

The Japanese company was surprised. Japan has a history of suffering due to lack of transmission lines. For example, the Tokyo Olympics in the Showa, the general home electric era, and the introduction of home appliances, such as television, could not catch up with generators and transmission lines. Certainly, the shortage of electricity at that time was a shortage of transmission lines. However, it is unexpected that there was a new problem after the collapse of the bubble. So do you still say that you are short of electricity? Originally in Japan, from the postwar period to today, if the company builds a building that requires a large amount of electricity, such as a research institute, a complex, and factories, the company will pay the construction costs and running costs to pull the transmission line to the destination. He was connected to a power company or had no contract with a power company, using an independent generator. It is basically to medium -sized small and medium -sized companies and ordinary households that power companies provide infrastructure for free. The major companies have also been actively promoting their own power generation, with the purpose of eliminating such costs. In order to secure workers in the past, in order to secure a new power plant, how to pull the transmission line, where to build a new railway or highway, and where to create an apartment residential area. After collecting, the first move, real estate agents secured lands such as offices, factories, research institutes, and logistics warehouses before securing residential land in apartment residential areas. Anyway, it was this a lot of power plants construction → transmission line construction → creating residential areas → companies entered. In other words, if you knew the old days, there was a shortage of transmission lines, and what was happening in Japan and what you had to do was still active. 。

Furthermore, most of the countries and regions where Japanese companies are expanding abroad at the rear tie are always in shortage of power plants and power lines, so they talk quickly. By the way, in developing countries, if a power plant is created and the transmission line is performed, local residents will bring their own wires on their own, connect them with the power company’s transmission line, steal electricity, and have a blackout due to daily occurrence, so stable supply is provided. The desired company does not contract with a power company.

(Even if you search all over the world, Japan is the only country in which power companies are managed in a batch. Even in developed countries, power companies only manage urban areas, and local companies and home -generation introduction are generally introduced. It is a target. A country all over the world comes to visit the mechanism of Japan’s electric infrastructure, but gives up. There is no vague social rule in the Japanese people, following the rules (other people’s electricity does not steal). And it will not be established after the introduction of the mechanism of Japan. On the other hand, Japan is different, so it is not easy to refer to the way of foreign countries.)

(There, there)

The Fukushima nuclear power plant can no longer generate power, and the decommissioning is determined from the beginning. The Fukushima nuclear power plant was noisy when it supported the center of Tokyo, but it is actually different.

Once upon a time, a crane ship arm for construction work came into contact with the transmission line in Tokyo Bay. Did you remember the trouble of the special high -pressure transmission wire was damaged and a large power outage occurred?

August 1998. Contact power transmission stops (275,000 V, Koto Line) across the former Edogawa, which flows between Minami Kasai, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Tokyo and Urayasu City. A total of approximately 1.4 million power outages are located in the eastern part of Tokyo, the northern Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, western Kawasaki City, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, and Urayasu City. → The power transmission area is the whole Tokyo Bay. (Gulf area in Kanagawa, Tokyo, and Chiba)

This collision special high -pressure transmission wire is part of the transmission line that generates electricity to the Tokyo metropolitan area by generating electricity at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The amount of power transmission was zero due to the Fukushima nuclear accident. A transmission line that does not play a role in empty. From the area, you can build a lot of generators along the Tokyo Bay, and connect it to the transmission line to secure the Fukushima nuclear power plant. It will be completed next month, and a completely new overhead line construction will be started connecting Tokyo to Chiba Prefecture. In this area, a generator can be installed right below the overhead line. ← Mr. Ishihara decided to postpone the start of construction immediately.


できるじゃじゃないか! !海底水発電。

























結論からいうと、 石原慎太郎は既存の原子力発電所の再利用、既存の米国設計ぽんこつ原子炉(仕組み)の廃炉を決断した。(また、将来的には原子力発電所自体は賛成、但し核のゴミを出さない新しい仕組みに限る)既存の原子炉を改良して燃料は核燃料から天然ガスに載せ替えて稼働させ、そのまま原子力発電所と送電線を再利用することを決定した。これは後に天然ガスから海水を淡水化→水発電へと載せ換えて再利用することで最終決定した。つまりは原子炉を再利用する。水発電は非公開、天然ガス載せ替え案は計4回東京都発表、報道された。(日本で報道されたのは2回)石原の最終的な決断は欧米の支配者たちをも発狂させた。











Boo! ! ! !マジかよ! ! ! !





(リアス式海岸→丘陵性ないし山地性の地域において、陸上侵食によって形成された谷が、海面の上昇あるいは地盤の下降のため沈水してできた海岸。 つまり崖・岩じゃ。)















































東欧問題で国際的にごたついている状態は続いている。外資系メディアは、西側諸国はロシアに対して散々貿易規制をかけているが、肝心な企業は迂回ルートを使って貿易を継続していることが報道されたり、ロシア軍がウクライナの港でウクライナ国保有の鉄を没収(借金化の取り立て)などが次々と報道され、驚愕した日本。更にはロシアデフォルトだと騒ぎになったけど、結局何も起きてない破綻しないため、(ロシアが破綻すると東側諸国が次々と連鎖破綻するから西側財界がロシアを助けている。)ほら、ナナさんが言った通りになっているじゃないか! !政治家・学者・評論家・陰謀論者などのでたらめさが露呈、散々嘘をつかれ騙されまくってめちゃくちゃになっている。
















さすがにウクライナに関して大人しくなってきた日本政府。だんだん違う気がしてきた。日本の官財は3月の時点でウクライナ関係の金融資産を全て売却し、ロシアを買い足して資産運用は結果を出しているため、ウクライナ政府が発表した、ウクライナに支援してくれる国の中に日本がないのは理解できた。しかし、ウクライナは3月から6月まで日本の官財の貿易関連で2兆円の支払いをできないと言ってきている、ウクライナは一千円も支払わない、全ての約束を破って、だってしょうがないと言い訳。だけどロシアは日本に制裁を加えると言いながら日本国民が困ることは何一つやらない、デフォルトしたって日本の官財に対する支払いは継続、契約条項違反はなし、濃縮ウランの件だって直接契約しているわけではないのに早めに連絡をくれた。日本政府は思わずロシア政府に言ってしまった、大丈夫か?日本ができることはやらせてほしいと。ロシアは軍事介入はよくない、しかし、加害者と被害者、判断が難しい。ここに来て西側諸国と日本の政官軍は唖然としている。僕らはウクライナ政府と政府軍が何をやっているのか何も知らないんだけど。そもそもウクライナってさ、どういう国なの? (ええ?!!)バイデンは記者に問いかけるようになった。ウクライナ政府軍は具体的にどんな作戦をやっているの?ええっ? ! !妄想戦争屋。


【何も驚かない、だっていつものことだから。今回は戦争だけど不測の事態なんていつものことだぜ。日本企業は伝があるからロシア経由以外で核燃料を入手できなくはないし、原子炉は水発電に載せ換えることは可能だが、直ぐには対応できないから節電で凌いでくれ。それにしても、やっぱりこうなったか。 ]












Yeah! ! ! !





ではまたね! !

Lonsdor K518ise key programmer can change PH0440B, P0020B, P0120B smart key frequency. These keys are designed for TOYOTA 8a key programming. For the method, follow the steps below.

TronSdor K518ise Pass:

Special Function >> Key Settings >> FT Smart Key >> 8a >> Change frequency

Insert the LONSDOR PH0440B circuit board into the K518 key slot.

• The battery must be installed correctly on the None key.
• If the None key is placed horizontally 모바일카지노 on the card slot, it will be easier to identify.

Click “OK”.

Select Pke frequency: 315.10/314.35MHz >> OK

It was generated normally.

The key frequency has been changed!