“R33, GT-R new mission, carbon in-maninnes that arrive full components from Haltech”

R33 GT-R mission replacement work.

It is around the shift stingage.

Oil leaked from the joint between the transfer and the mission, and the sealing agent is applied from above (sweat)

There was a place where the sticker of the join part with the transfer was thin, and the oil was bleed from there.

Well, as far as the amount of iron powder is seen, it is the correct answer by giving up on the mission overhaul from the beginning and choosing a new mission.

It was quite reasonable to replace all gears and bearings because the sound and frictional sound were sounded quite a bit.

Bolts cleaning.

Huh ♪ Transfer has also been beautifully beautiful ♪

New mission and tired mission.

The seal agent uses blue as long as it is not a special situation or special place.

Not only the high seal performance, but also the moderate elasticity can be maintained for a long period of time, even in parts that have twisted missions.

The bengala -colored seal agent used in Nissan cars is not used because it has a hard image after hardening.

Why is this a bent?

Well, the model year is the model year, and there is a possibility that the missions have been removed and detached many times so far, so you have to check them out in various ways.

Beautifully shaped.


The mission itself is now in shape.

The oil was scattered on the floor tunnel.

Wiping off, here is a very poor workability after putting the mission here, so now.

Completed loading.

Continue to install the fine parts.

The original high caster pillow upper mount for DC5 has arrived from the endless jeal.

I ordered only Hi -Custer Piro Uppers because the function is currently being used.

Shipping is completed.

Arrived from Haltech home country.

An exhaust temperature sensor and installation nipple.

It is stock.

OLED multi -function meter.

Customer order.

CAN air -fuel ratio device.

WB1 1ch

WB2 2ch

It is the order of the shop.

I was out of stock because I was out of stock.

Elite 750 x 2

Shop order and customer order.

IC7 multimeter order.

There is still a back order, but I caught up quite a bit ~ (^^)

However, the order is included every day, so let’s shorten the order pace so that the order is not accumulated again.

S2000, F24R Complete Vehicle.

Have you sold this vehicle for two years? Will it be more than two years ago? 。 。 。 。 It’s fast, the flow of time. 。 。 。 。 。

F24R Forged Piston Bespoke Connrod, etc.

After that, the owner has been one step evolution.

I’m happy, there is no big trouble, and I’m running around well.

This time, put the dry carbon in manifold (*˘*) .。.:*♡

The owner gave me an impression.

“Thank you for your help, XX.

Regarding the impression of carbon mani, I want to be bragging to people who like cars as if they were sending photos like this (laughs).

And even one person opens the bonnet and becomes a dangerous person (laughs)

Although it is the essential performance, my image of the initial surge tank larger capacity was the image that the low -speed torque became thinner until the VTEC was entered, but in fact there is no such thing, and the displacement rises from below. I feel like just.

Since VTEC enters as it is, it seems that the valley of VTEC switching is less than before.

The high -speed range is more powerful than before.

Thanks to the overall power, it is possible to run quietly in about 2000 to 3000 revolutions without jerky even in the city riding.

Impact! It is a recommended part for single sloters at 2.4L!

If you combine the settings properly, it will balance the comfort and power up without disadvantages !!

In addition, I would like to build and install a fuel line when purchasing a adjustable regulator for the fuel rail that I purchased together.

Thank you for the wonderful parts that are so excited! “

It’s exactly what you want ~ (^^) v

Since the displacement is increased in 2.4L, the surge tank is large, the passage from the surge tank to the port, and the internal four -funnel.

Everything works

This dry carbon sagen tank, which is a big break all over the world. Recommended for single slotle owners.

I don’t remove it. 。 。 。 。 My parts choice w

When I started handling this surge tank, there were still few people who were using it in the world.

When used in the K -type, the F -type was the same because it had a good feeling.

That’s a good 더존카지노 result.

Leave it.

For all inquiries.

After leaving the bar, walking toward SAKS and crossing the road to the other side, you will be crazy. I didn’t know that Baccarat sponsored Macbeth, where Daniel Craig appears on Broadway! We will go to see it at the end of May after having JUJU taught me.

I’m taking a picture

If you go a little over Baccarat, Tiffany on your left. I want to say when I notice, but on this day, the blue box is also the destination. Juju’s necklace was cute, and then the same series of diamond piercings were very cute.

But once I got in, the Tiffany’s Hardwear series, which was displayed in front of me, was very cool and fascinated. I was shown THE SMILE, but the gold and black pearl earrings are wonderful …!

The owl’s display is also cute. This is the Victoria series.

On this day, Mother’s Day is coming soon, right, I’m 2 Nyan, right? In addition, this cute person also does special wrapping … Fufufu.

But this time, what impressed me was the greatness of the customer service at Tiffany. Such a wonderful customer service, I have never experienced it outside of Japan. I was able to shop with a very good feeling. While I was talking, I also showed me this beautiful ring. It’s not a pink diamond. It seems to be a semi -no -noh, Morganite named by Tiffany. But he seems to be proud of pink diamonds, but what do you do with a lie and look good? Hahaha!

After this, go to SAKS. Valentino’s green tops are cute!

I found MINI JODIE with a color that AYA seems to like and lined the next day!

Then this color is also cute! I got 먹튀검증사이트 a reply, this color is not perfect for the Hermes bracelet I just bought! I’m afraid of all my friends who stimulate my greed.

For now, let’s calm down. When I went home and put the shopping bag and bag on the table, Kirean was barking.

Sorry, Kirean -chan, HIME Rin, this is mom. Mother’s Day present. If mom is happy, both Nyan and Daddy are happy, right? Hey? Plenty of murriari feeling?

I’m excited about Tiffany Blue for the first time in a long time. Do you want to wait until Mother’s Day?