“Recent status report As it is 64”

Yesterday was Tanabata

Did everyone have a fun dream wish?

My wish does not come true

Ah, it’s a wish to come true if it’s a dream, but you can’t easily operate your dreams.

What kind of wish did recent elementary school students write on a strip …

I guess it’s completely different from my era

Today, July 8th

A shocking incident occurred and the news all 바카라 day

As usual, TV Tokyo is a unique route

I have a lot of things, but I pray for Shinzo Abe’s soul.

And the examination result

CEA 8.3 → 17.1 → 13.6 (result of this number Zeloda & Tyakerve)

The attending physician was strangely happy, but for me

It’s not a big change ~

If you touch and check the tumor on the side, three of them are close, so let’s summarize it.

3 is about 5cm x 2cm

Until a while ago, I thought about 3 guys of about 1cm, “Ariyama …”

I’m growing up as it is, so I’m not happy even if the numbers go down w

The tumor on the right chest is also alive …

I feel comfortable this week because I’m closed, but I still don’t feel like enjoying something

I have to take medicine again next week

Moreover, it is difficult to drink because the Thai chelve is large

If you are careless, you will get caught in your throat w

A total of 5 tablets that swallow one tablet with a large amount of water

Really Mendokusai w

I can’t say anything, but I feel like my mood goes up quickly.

I wish I could get up …

I thought about trying to kill time in FX, but I don’t want to buy and sell just because I look at the chart

Sometimes I look into the online casino site, but I don’t want to make a deposit

Well, how to find fun … it’s a problem

The only god of salvation is “Nanahara -kun”

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